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Eliminate Weak Links for More Muskies by Tom Dietz
Scrutinize your entire set up during the off season and be 100% confident when it's time to set the hooks!

Never Cut Corners for Trophy Muskies by Tom Dietz
The quest for more knowledge never ends. Pay attention to detail and you will be rewarded.

Wood, Weeds, and the Southern Muskie  by David Christian
Cave Run Lake has commonly been referred to as "The Muskie Capital of the South"

Central IL Muskies   by Gary M Brady
"There are muskies in Central Illinois???" That is usually the first question I am asked when I tell people I'm a guide in Central Illinois.

Ultimate Topwater Experience   by Colin Crawford
The muskellunge is revered as one of North America’s great game fish. It is big. It is powerful. It is elusive and rare. It is capricious and difficult to catch.

Midwest Muskies   by Bob Jensen
Muskies are like any other fish. You must find them before you can catch them. 

Rejuvenate Yourself Through "Tight Lines" by Brian Worrall
Every good muskie fisherman needs a "Tight Lines" lake.

Big Muskies, Big Lakes?  by Steve Huber
Big water, big boats, big fish....the three go hand in hand....right? NOT necessarily so Bubba.

Understand Your LCR  by Joel Tinker
Even experienced, knowledgeable fishermen sometimes misunderstand their electronics. Here's how to improve your relationship with these important pieces of equipment.

The Magic Lure?  by John Nesse
There is a magic lure for the king of freshwater, but it isn't something new, different or hard to find. In fact, you probably have several, if not dozens of these baits in your possession.

The Finer Points of the Figure Eight  by Jason Smith
You seem to be in somewhat of a hypnotic trance, then your heart jumps out of your chest and you yell "there’s a fish" and the muskie that you have worked so hard for slowly says good bye. Here's how you can put more of these fish in the boat.

Jigging for Late Season Lunge  by Loren Waalkens
If watching a bobber the size of a baseball bob around from the weight of a large sucker minnow is not your way of ending the musky season, then jigging rubber may be for you.

Midnight Muskies ~ By Capt. Marty Papke
Fish of 10,000 casts is the theory we hear when talking with the musky crowd. This myth can be shortened if applying a few easy to learn methods.

Muskie Mania ~ By Bob Reige
When it comes to downright awesome power, heavyweight acrobatics and lightning quick excitement, there is not freshwater game fish that can match ol’ Esox Masquinongy.

Five Tips To Improve Your Success In 2000 ~ By Tom Dietz
Often the hardest thing to change when it comes to changing fishing success is having an open mind. I hope these tips will help you catch more fish in 2000.

The Legend Lives On! ~ By Marv Kiley
The key to finding big, trophy muskies on the large, deep, clear lake is locating the big suspended schools of baitfish, especially cisco.

Fishing a Musky Tournament ~ By Greg Clusiau
It happens every once in a while. For some strange reason, I get the incredible urge to do a little musky fishing. I guess it's just a way of relieving some of the craziness.

Wired For Muskie ~ By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
True or false - muskies spend most of their time in shallow water.  This answer may surprise you.  Radio studies reveal that muskies often roam deep water at the same time that most anglers are beating the shoreline with 10,000 casts. 

Going with a Guide ~ by Bernie Barringer ~ Editor ~ MUSKIE Magazine
How can a person choose a good guide and then make the trip a memorable one––good memories, not bad ones––the kind of trip that makes you want to come back again soon? 

How to Take PHantastic Phish Photos!  by Bernie Barringer, Editor ~ MUSKIE Magazine
Taking the time to get a few good photos does not mean you have to decrease the fish’s chance of survival. It just means you must plan ahead a little. 

Musky Madness  by Norb Wallock
"The weatherman was right and I was ready for some Musky Madness." 

Muskie Tips & Tricks  by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
Muskie. "Careful. That word has been known to cause adrenaline overdoses." 

Muskie Madness  by John Hoffman
"A very successful method is to drift this live bait rig at the edge of structure or off points in 30' of water." 


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